► Saturday April 28th 2007

11:00am John Favicchia

12:00pm Otarion Show Case
a) Derek King
b) Chris Kavanagh
c) Ben Duinker
d) Dylan Momberquette

01:00pm Phil Maturano

02:00pm Alan White

03:00pm Pete Lockett

04:00pm 1 hour Break

05:00pm Bill Bruford

06:00pm Flo Mounier
► Sunday April 29th 2007

11:00am Asani

12:00am Otarion Show Case
a) Katie Patterson
b) Steve Wilton

12.20pm The Heartbeats

12.30pm Denny Seiwell

01.00pm Curt Bisquera & Rich Mangicaro

02.00pm Ed Mann

03.00pm Derek Roddy

04.00pm 1 hour Break

05.00pm Michael Shrieve

06.00pm Dom Famularo

07.00pm Finale.

► Sunday April 29th 2007

Up Close and Personal with Denny Seiwell
A Master Class with The Master

Delta Hotel Sydney
Sunday 29th April 2007
9.00am Sharp.