2006 Hype Awards presented by JCI

An interview with Bruce Aitken
Bruce Aitken, along with his wife Gloria Jean, is the founder and organizer of the Cape Breton International Drum Festival. He is also a drum teacher, a feature writer for Canadian Musician Magazine, and the drummer for award-winning blues artist John Campbelljohn...
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Cape Breton International Drum Festival in Modern Drummer
The fourth Cape Breton DrumFest, held this past May 1 and 2, gathered drummers from around the world for a display of diverse styles and approaches. Hosted by Bruce and Gloria Aitken, the event was staged at the Savoy Theater in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia. The theater’s excellent sightlines were augmented by video screens, allowing the audience to view the performances from different angles...
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It's an honour, really!
We've been nominated for "Event of the Year" by both MIANS and ECMA